The most important thing a girl wears is her confidence

| Perfect fit |

| No itchy labels |

| Removable pads |

| Confidence boost |

Fine lingerie for young women

Designed in Antwerp

Girls can do anything

Beautiful swimwear with a perfect fit

Don't rush to grow up

Cool & classy homewear for badass girls

All our collections are designed 'in house' in Antwerp and ethically produced by a Belgian lingerie factory

We make growing up cool!

A first bra. Chaging in the locker room for gym class. Sleepovers. Brrr, it can all feel awkward, we know!

But it doesn't have to feel that way, we promise.

With our cool underwear, you will feel good in your body, no matter what size or shape you are. You and your friends will love the bright colors and the style. And all the awkwardness will melt like snow.

Nothing to hide when you're wearing Strawberry Secrets!

The best swimwear
for young women
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Meet the founders

A brand for young women & by young women

Empowering young women doesn't happen by just talking
about it.

At Strawberry Secrets, we envolve power ladies between 12 and
18 in the entire business process. From choosing the colors, to modelling, quality control, shipping and even running our Antwerp
Flagship Store.

Because yes, girls can do anything!

Our lingerie will give you confidence and brighten your day. Wear it with pride and be proud of your beautiful body

With love

Nothing beats a personalized gift

Build your own Strawberry Secrets Gift Box in just a few clicks! Add a personal message and our beautiful packaging, she will love it!

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How to find your perfect size?

Measure yourself using a measure tape and the sizing app on the product page will give you personalized size advice!

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