Girls can do anything

Even building a global brand!

Our Story

Growing up can be confusing. Your body changes and so does the way you perceive yourself and the world. In order to stay close to who you are, you need comfort and confidence.

This is why we created Strawberry Secrets, together with our mom. Girls lingerie with an absolute perfect fit and an age-appropriate look.

Not childish and not sexy.
Strong colors and easy to wear models make young girls proud of their body and teach them that it’s ok to be themselves at every stage.

We truly believe that Strawberry Secrets can be a big support in creating a generation of happy, balanced and powerful women!

So we’re two girls on a mission, proud to present you something exceptional that you can wear close to your heart.

Alex & Renée

A family affair

Our brand originated from our moms attempts to create an 'age appropriate bra' for us, at our kitchen table.

Everything available was or too childish or too sexy. So she bought a sewing machine and gave it a go.

Obsessed by perfecting the design, her 93th prototype created magic. The fit gave us, and all the young women after us, an enormeous confidence boost.

We are determined to share our moms legacy and the amazing feeling of empowerment with the rest of the world!


We create products that are meant to be kept to last. We encourage people to do so by presenting them a beautiful box to store our products for future generations. As a special family gift, from grand-mom, to mother, to young girl, and so on. We don't do sales and we do not follow trends.

We only use ethically sourced and local materials and we refuse to produce in countries and companies that do not value women as perfectly equal.

It is our mission te empower young women and to also show them the benefits of high quality fabrics and a high quality design.

We never compromise on our core values.

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