Let us tell you our story

As a lawyer, I got things done like a man for nearly 20 years. Loosing touch with your feminine side, however, doesn't make you very happy.

I saw a lot of strong professional women struggle with this and I knew that I needed to help turn things around.

I have two amazing daughters at the beginning of their teenage years. They’re growing so fast, exploring the world and finding their identity.

I really want them to stay as gorgeous, strong and warm as they are now. In other words, I want them to grow up in a feminine way.

I truly believe that strawberry secrets can be a big support in creating a generation of happy, balanced and powerfull women!

So we’re three girls on a mission, proud to present you something exceptional that you can wear close to your heart.

Alex, Renée and Vic

but growing up can be confusing

Your body changes and so does the way you perceive yourself and the world. In order to stay close to who you are, you need comfort and confidence.

This is why my daughters and I created Strawberry Secrets, fine lingerie for young girls with an absolute perfect fit and an age-appropriate look.

Not childish and not sexy. Strong colors and easy to wear models make young girls proud of their body and teach them that it’s ok to be themselves at every stage.