How to find your perfect size online?

We've got you covered,
with technology developpped at the University of Antwerp !

On each product page, you will find a
red 'Find My Size' button, linking you with the Shavatar sizing app.
Shavatar predicts your 3D body shape up to 7mm accurate, with just 3
basic measurements. You'll get instant personalised sizing advice. Pretty cool no :-)

Follow the next steps, it's super easy!


Measure your chest at the widest part


Measure your waist at the smallest part


Measure your hips at the widest part, just below your hip bone

Fill in these 3 numbers (in cm) in the
Shavatar app (the red button on all our product pages), et voila... your
perfect size will appear :-)

Please remember that lingerie is worn
close to the body so we do not advise you to buy a size bigger then your
regular size (like you might do when buying a t-shirt or a sweater).