Love your skin with natural products!

It’s incredibly important not to use chemicals on your skin but to choose healthy alternatives!

Our skin is our biggest organ. It protects us but, at the same time, absorbs everything we apply. The skin does not have filters so everything we use goes directly into our bloodstream.


At Strawberry Secrets, we discovered that natural and healthy beauty products are not more expensive than classic products but they are all the more pleasant to use. Most of the time, their packaging is superb and so are their smell and texture. And oh my, do they work!!!

Since natural beauty products do not contain chemicals nor parabens, the can also be used by young girls. I recommend my girls and all their friends to use an all-natural deodorant (because of the link between chemical deodorants and breast cancer), a face wash and a good moisturizer.


The web shop of Anne Poelmans, an expert on natural beauty, has an amazing collection of beauty products and the service of her shop is exquisite. We absolutely love the following goodies for young skins!

Tip: Using an oil during the night, helps against break outs!


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