Plan vegan

To grow up strong and beautiful, you have to be aware of what you eat. At Strawberry Secrets, we strongly believe in food as a medicine. How you nourish your body will not only determine how you look but also how you feel, how healthy your body is and how much energy you have.

Processed foods contain way to much sugar, bad fats, salt, preservatives and chemicals. All terrible things to put into a young girl’s body!


Luckily we start to know more and more about healthy food, about the benefits of plant-based food, about superfoods. Step by step, we become smarter than the Sugar, Fat and Milk Lobby, smarter than the pharmaceutical giants and we start making our own choices.

Doctors and Universities are starting to speak up and renowned chefs and cookbook-authors are making healthy cooking easy and fun.


Our personal favorite at Strawberry Secrets is the power lady behind Plan Vegan. This actress, singer and tv host made the most beautiful book with 100 amazing plant based and gluten free recipes, we love them all.


People often think that vegan is difficult or that it’s hard to get kids onboard, well think again :-) The Strawberry Secrets team members absolutely love the Plan Vegan dishes, they even crave them!

Put the chili sin carne, a blue smoothie bowl or a vegan pizza on the table and just see what happens…


You can order Plan Vegan on (link:

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